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Fireplaces, Wood burning stoves, Playground Equipment

About Us

  Cricket on the Hearth Inc. is located in the Cliffside Commons of Penfield, a suburb of Rochester, New York. We have been family owned and operated since 1968 providing quality hearth products with professional installation and service.
Our staff will answer your questions and guide you in selecting products that fit your lifestyle and needs. Browse through our web site to view a selection of our extensive product line, and then visit our showroom to see our displays and discuss options for custom solutions to your needs.

Whether you choose wood, gas, pellet, corn, electric or infrared, the range of hearth products and fuels has never been greater.
Make no mistake, that beautiful fireplace or stove you’ve always wanted will provide much more than a romantic atmosphere (although it does that very well)! Consider it as primary survival gear, to heat your home, cook some food, shed some light and keep your pipes from freezing in a power out. Many of our customers enjoy using their stoves as a primary heat source to avoid the utility company’s high rates for gas, electric and fuel oil. We even heat our store with our wood burning displays!

Turner Family Owned Since 1968
We pride ourselves on providing quality hearth products with professional installation and service.  Our staff will answer your questions and guide you in selecting the products that fit your needs and lifestyle!

Charles Turner is the second generation owner of Cricket on the Hearth, Inc. and is certified as a GAS Hearth Professional and WOOD BURNING Hearth Professional  from the National Fireplace Institute after completing training in gas, wood and pellet burning appliances.  He is also a F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector offering chimney and fireplace inspections with detailed reports and pictures in the event of property transfer or questionable safety  situations. (Fireplace Investigation Research & Education)

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION and SERVICE by Cricket on the Hearth’s own full time, trained technicians ensures that your fireplace or stove will operate safely and efficiently and meet all building codes. The fireplace in your home is a source of warmth and pleasure for your family and friends. Like any appliance, it should be safe, properly maintained, and good for the environment inside and out.

CHIMNEY & VENTING…Cricket on the Hearth also carries a full line of chimney pipe: Class “A”; Direct Vent; Pellet Vent; Stainless Steel Liner; Single Wall; Double Wall; Chimney Caps; Chimney Brushes

OUR GLASS DOORS…Glass Doors are designed to reduce airflow, and thus heat loss, up the chimney. Although traditional wood-burning fireplaces have aesthetic appeal, they may actually remove more heat from a house than they produce. A typical fireplace with an open front is at best only 10% efficient in converting wood to heat for a room. The rest is drawn up the chimney with the draft of smoke. A glass door will save you money, and provide safety from sparks and flying embers while providing a beautiful finish to your fireplace opening.

Cricket on the Hearth stocks doors in black, natural iron and brass finishes. We work with four manufacturers and each have numerous style and color selections. Customs made doors are available to be crafted by an artesian to your exact specifications for shape, frame color, glass color, and mesh or curtain doors. We have worked with architects and designers of many exceptional homes in the area to provide unique and unusual fireplaces with just the right door.

F.I.R.E. Certified Chimney & Fireplace Inspections

Charles Turner is a Fireplace Investigation, Research and Chimney Inspection (F.I.R.E.) certified inspector and N.F.I. Certified Master Hearth Professional. His professional training and years of experience in the industry provide an extensive knowledge base beyond a general building inspector. There are two levels of inspection available to you, visual and scope camera. Both inspections include a professionally detailed written report with digital pictures and recommendations for correcting any flaws found. The scope camera provides a view of the entire height of the chimney when construction flaws or tile damage is suspected.
A professional chimney inspection is recommended when property is being transferred or following a chimney fire or other damaging event. Protect your family’s safety and your investment by scheduling your inspection today.