Wood Burning Stoves

The “JOTUL Experience!”


The use of cast iron as a material is based on the unyielding test of time. Parts are extremely durable, yet simple to replace and will not deform, even after many years of use.

 Cricket on the Hearth promotes clean burning wood stoves as a primary heat source.  We heat our store with wood!!!  You can add a beautiful JOTUL cast iron stove to your home and see immediate savings over gas and oil fuels.

JOTUL has incorporated the latest advances for high efficiency within the updated yet timeless designs you’ll welcome into any decor.


Cricket on the Hearth also represents Blaze King stoves combine Catalytic technology with built-in Thermostat control to accomplish an 88% efficient wood burning stove .

Controlled burn and high efficiency means consistent heat output for up to 30 hours.

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