Wood Burning Inserts

Cricket on the Hearth has quality stoves from Jotul and Blaze King!

Wood Fireplace Inserts convert a fireplace to a highly efficient heater which will safely heat your home. Blowers circulate the room air around the outside of the firebox and then return the heated air to your living space.

The Jotul inserts come in three designs with beautiful cast iron faces and arched glass doors which offer a clean view of the beautiful fire.  Jotul has been our primary line for more than forty years!


Blaze King Stoves with catalytic and thermostatic controlled burn now in stock! The Princess Insert is a high efficiency wood fireplace insert, (86% LHV efficiency, 80% HHV), and will burn up to 1/3 less wood to heat your home thus lowering your heating costs. The built in thermostat allows you to regulate the heat output at a constant rate even during a power outage.

Enerzone steel stoves have a more classic stove appearance offering savings on your heating bill.  The Destination design has a minimal profile extending from the fireplace opening  so more radiant heat is emitted in the room with or without the fan. ONLY 1 in stock!

Enerzone Destination 2.3

Enerzone Destination 2.3


View all of these wood inserts on our gallery!

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