Glossary of Terms

Direct vent: Gas fireplaces and stoves designed to exchange both fresh air for burn and exhaust fumes through a two-channel pipe system. Termination is accomplished directly upon reaching the exterior of the building once vertical requirements and clearances are established. + High efficiency + Short vent run chimney savings.

Zero-Clearance: Wood or Gas units built with an extra metal chamber of insulating air surrounding the unit so that wall framing can be built right up to the unit. Air chamber replaces masonry construction of chimney. + Quick construction at great savings over masonry

Cabinet: Furniture grade box to hold zero-clearance gas fireplace. Available in flat wall or corner design in any finish or wood to match your décor. + Adds shelf area above fireplace for TV or other display +Saves on building out to accommodate unit on exterior of home (see bump-out)

Bump-out: Shed like extension to the side of a home to accommodate fireplace box on exterior wall of home.

Insert: Taking a stove of any fuel and putting it into an existing masonry fireplace structure. Any insert will increase the efficiency of the fireplace by controlling the fuel to air mixture and preventing house air from escaping up the chimney. A fan component will take room air in and around the outside of the burn chamber and then back into the room, capturing the heat produced for your enjoyment. Nearly all inserts will require a new chimney liner system running from the stove to a cover plate with exhaust cap at the top of the masonry chimney. + Convert to gas from wood burning +Stay with wood burning, but now heat with full control in a sealed stove.

Log Set: A gas burner system, grate and ember bed set into an existing masonry fireplace or some approved factory built fireplaces. Replaces existing wood grate and logs with ceramic logs, glass pellets, or ceramic stones and the convenience of gas burning.

Glass Door Enclosure: Metal frame with hinged glass panels, which cover a traditional fireplace opening. Usually contain tempered glass and can have mesh curtain or panels behind the door to prevent sparks from escaping when doors are open.

Screen: Available in freestanding models which stand on the hearth in front of the opening; Mesh curtains which can be mounted in the opening of a fireplace alone or attached to a glass door enclosure; or mesh panel doors which are an option attached to some glass doors.

Grate: The metal cradle that holds the logs in the fireplace.

Hearth:  The floor or step directly in front on the fireplace opening.  Usually a non-combustible material to protect the room from sparks and heat produced by the fireplace.  **The proper place to locate your Cricket for GOOD LUCK!